This is totally safe. Totally safe. Totally….

Oh, hi! Today I am snorkeling with my cruise-friends. Look at us!


The best part about snorkeling is wearing these gigantic flippers strapped to our hooves. It makes us move through the water really FAST.

The not-so-great part is wondering if a fish will come along and eat me. In fact…I think I’m done snorkeling. And ready for….

moose rockwall

ROCK CLIMBING! Whoo hooo! This is more like it!

What fun! And I’m not a bit scared. Of, you know, falling. Or….falling.

Hm. It’s kind of high up here. But I can make it to the top, right? Everyone bet me an ice-cream sundae that I could get to the top and ring the little bell. So I better get back to it. After this, (and ice-cream sundaes) I think I’m due to lay around by the pool a while.

Bye for now!

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Photo Fun

My friends and I are sure having fun on the Allure of the Seas!

moose ring

Today we got off the ship for a walk around Jamaica. And look! These people insisted on taking my picture!

IMG_0771 copy

It’s hard to be a celebrity. I never get a real vacation. Fortunately, I LOVE IT!!

I have to go autograph some books now. See you next time!

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Hole In One

Hi there,

STILL cruising. I have decided to just cruise all of April away. And did you know that this ship has a golf course? Of course, if we hit the ball too hard…well, I hope those fish out there are wearing hard-hats!

Can you find me?


I know. There’s tons to see. But I’m here.

I’m over on this wall! See? See me now? Yes, you do! Hello!

And…good-bye! See you next time! I have to rejoin my friends!

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Round and Round

IMG_0774 copy

Remember how last week, I was on a cruise? In the Bahamas? On The ALLURE OF THE SEAS?

Well, I’m still there. And I think I’ve put on two pounds. There’s so much to EAT here. But there’s a lot to DO here, too. Today I’m riding the carousel!

Isn’t this a pretty painting? It’s on top of the ride. I bet it took a long time to paint this. Funny, though…I don’t see any moose in it!


Well, I’m going to get back to spinning. And look! A cat! Cat starts with C! I think I’ll tell this cat about the rest of the alphabet while we go round. Bye!

IMG_0778 copy

Photos by Kelly, GA

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Bahama Moose

Ahhh, can you smell the salty sea air? I can. Because I’m on a cruise ship! And not just any cruise ship, but a HUGE one. I’m on the Allure of the Seas, and we’re in the Bahamas!

When I say “we,” I mean me and these people here. I don’t really know who they are. But they are nice, and they allowed me to stow away in their bags.

allure group moose

We’re going to go see Atlantis, and then go PARASAILING. I can’t wait! Zebra thinks I’m too chicken. I’m not! Wait and see!


Good-bye until next time!

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Huge Bear

Hi! I’m visiting my friend Bear here. We are in the beautiful mountains of Georgia at the state park, Amicalola Falls!

amicalola 2 3-13

This is an awesome place for hiking, bird-watching, Moose-watching, camping, dining, cooking out, and taking pictures of the super awesome waterfall they have here. Did you know that sometimes park rangers come here and talk to people and show them things? Like…real live possums? And snakes? I like snakes. I’m definitely coming back for that!

But for now, we’re going to the buffet for some cheesecake. See you next time!

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