Who is Moose?

Welcome to Moose On Earth! Have you met Moose? If not, you can meet him in his book, Z IS FOR MOOSE.

Here’s the thing about Moose: You never know where he’ll pop up. Or when! Moose is starting to pop up in so many different places, he decided he needed his own blog to share photos of his travels with all his friends.

Do YOU have any pictures of Moose? Maybe he went to the movies with you, or maybe he helps you with your homework. Perhaps he sleeps in your bed or went to the park with you or maybe even your big trip to Disneyworld. If you have any Moose photos, please send them to the author of this blog, and she will publish them here and mention your name, too.

But wait. I want to tell you a secret. A really BIG secret. Maybe you’d like to send photos to Moose for his blog, but you don’t have a Moose of your own. Well, you know what? You can STILL send photos to MOOSE and he will STILL use them on his blog!!

Yep. It’s true. Send your favorite photo to Moose, and he will use the magic of “photoshop” to put himself IN your photo!! And he may use it on his blog!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Photos can be sent to: kelly@kellybinghamonline.com

Thank you and enjoy Moose’s adventures!

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