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Best Read Aloud!!

Hi there again!

The holidays approach.  Zebra has me stringing lights all over the place, and Cat is camped out in the boxes of decorations.  The Queen expects me to go ALL the giftwrapping and shopping!

Well, guess what. My shopping–and yours–just got a lot easier.  KIRKUS has thoughtfully released a list of the BEST books of 2014.  And guess what?  CIRCLE, SQUARE, MOOSE is included!  Yep, we are in the “best books to read aloud” category!

So.  If you need a few PERFECT gifts–why not stock up on some books?  The list is FILLED with amazing, wonderful, perfect books you will read again and again, for all ages. Treat yourself to a few, too!  And better grab an extra copy or two of CIRCLE, SQUARE, MOOSE while you’re at it. Can you EVER have too many moose books?

Here is a link to the best books of the year–enjoy!

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A Review In The New York Times!

Hey there.  Ever heard of the NEW YORK TIMES?  I looked into it, and it seems to be a popular newspaper with many people. This, despite an absence of Moose.  However, this week, the New York Times DOES have a Moose in it—ME!!

CIRCLE, SQUARE, MOOSE is reviewed in the Sunday New York Times.  You can see the article by following the link above.

I am super happy, very honored, and…..I don’t know what my last emotion is.  Zebra says it’s called “humbled,” but I never heard of such a thing.
THANK YOU to the NYT for including MOOSE in your latest issue!

Happy reading to everyone!

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