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HELLO AGAIN! Did you miss me? Well, I missed YOU. So much so, that I have returned with a BRAND NEW BOOK! I am so excited!

Do you know much about shapes? For example, do you know what shape a banana is? (If so, let me know.) Do you know what a circle looks like? A square? Well, if you like shapes as much as I do, then this book is for you. It is called CIRCLE, SQUARE, MOOSE.

In this book, we learn a thing or two about shapes, and my good friend Zebra returns to….well, to cause trouble, really. But I won’t spoil anything for anyone. (Unlike Zebra.) I’ll let you read it and discover all the wonderful surprises inside. If you like my book, please let me know! And now that I’m back from vacation, I’ll be sure to write more often. Happy reading!

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