Lion Around, Reading

Hi from….well, YOU guess where I am today.

I am with this person, in a BIG city.


Okay, the city is NEW YORK. But guess WHERE in New York.

1. It’s my favorite place in this city. Or any city.
2. It’s full of books.
3. It’s been around for more than 100 years. (wow!)
4. They serve more than 18 MILLION patrons a year. (Double Wow!)


5. The lions that guard the place are named Patience and Fortitude.

Have you guessed yet?


That’s right! It’s the New York Public Library!! Right here on 42nd Street!

I’m going inside and reading some of the books from their collection of 51 million items. If you want a book, an e-book, a DVD, or anything at all, including pizza, this is your place.

Wait..what? Oh. Someone says they don’t offer pizza. But you know, I bet you could find a book on how to MAKE pizza! In fact, that’s going to be the first book I look for. After that, I might look for my own Z IS FOR MOOSE. Care to join me? See you inside!

Photos by Kelly

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