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New Orleans! Me! Andrew Jackson! Horse!

sky photo moose copy

There’s more to say but no time to say it. We’re in a big horse-standing-up-before-he
-charges-off hurry, complete with a hat twirl in the air.

But I DO have time to say: Look at that SKY. Isn’t that something? What makes the clouds DO that?

I think I’ll stop at the library and get a book about clouds and find the answer to that question, but it will have to wait until we go on our super-rushed, top-secret run to Dairy Queen.

Wait…oh. I’ve said too much. I better sign off before I blurt out anything about cookies and cream.

See you next time!

Photo by Paul, Brooklyn, NY

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Seeing Double?

You know how, when you love something, you want even more of that something?

Like ME? Haven’t you ever wished I had a twin?

Maybe I do! And maybe I don’t. Maybe I just performed an incredible magic trick, all just for this one photo. But here “we” are, along with our new towel-buddy, on board a CRUISE SHIP headed for EUROPE.


It’s true, I get to go to some of the best places. And now you’re wondering if that’s really me doing all that, or if I have a TWIN.

Some things are better left a mystery. See you next time!

Photo by Barbara, Marietta GA

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Knight Knight Moose

This is a super fun place! Today I am at MIDIEVEL TIMES DINNER AND SHOW!


Have you ever been here? It’s awesome! You get to eat dinner while watching knights on horseback joust, fight, race, and carry on all kinds of theatrics. There’s a King, a Princess, and an evil Knight who wants to mess everything up!


I can’t show you any pictures from the show, but trust me: The horses are AMAZING. I talked to a few and got some autographs, and believe me, they work HARD. They put on an amazing show. People jump on and off of them while they’re running around and stuff. They even had one horse that danced!


It may have escaped everyone’s attention, but I can dance. Did you know that? And I can run. And joust. And perform. Perhaps I need a spot in this daredevil show?

Hm, on the other hand, this food looks pretty good. Maybe I should just eat.


And somehow, I am with these people, celebrating someone’s birthday. Hey…a birthday means CAKE, right? Could this night get any better? Or should I say, could this KNIGHT get any better?


What? Not funny? Oh well. Time to run, now that I’ve warmed up by the giant fireplace. I want to see some more of the drama unfolding in there. Did you know they have a real HAWK here that flies around in circles over your HEAD? I don’t want to miss that.

See you next time!

Photos by Kelly

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Lion Around, Reading

Hi from….well, YOU guess where I am today.

I am with this person, in a BIG city.


Okay, the city is NEW YORK. But guess WHERE in New York.

1. It’s my favorite place in this city. Or any city.
2. It’s full of books.
3. It’s been around for more than 100 years. (wow!)
4. They serve more than 18 MILLION patrons a year. (Double Wow!)


5. The lions that guard the place are named Patience and Fortitude.

Have you guessed yet?


That’s right! It’s the New York Public Library!! Right here on 42nd Street!

I’m going inside and reading some of the books from their collection of 51 million items. If you want a book, an e-book, a DVD, or anything at all, including pizza, this is your place.

Wait..what? Oh. Someone says they don’t offer pizza. But you know, I bet you could find a book on how to MAKE pizza! In fact, that’s going to be the first book I look for. After that, I might look for my own Z IS FOR MOOSE. Care to join me? See you inside!

Photos by Kelly

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