New Hampshire Has A Great License Plate!

Have you EVER seen a license plate as nice as this one? The people in New Hampshire sure know how to appreciate a good MOOSE when they see one!


I can hear what you’re saying. “But Moose, WHY are you in New Hampshire?” Well, I’ll tell you. I went to Manchester, NH, to attend an SCBWI event at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. It was WONDERFUL.

And while there, I ran into this guy again:


His name is Paul O. Zelinsky and we end up at a lot of these things together. Did you know he’s illustrated and written TONS of books? And won some BIG prizes for them? Well, he has.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a little help with the slide projector sometimes. Here he is being helped by our friend Hazel Mitchell.


It’s working now. And Paul O. Zelinsky is delivering the keynote address! Hey, he’s talking about a bear. What bear? Where? And what’s this book he mentions…SWAMP ANGEL?


Well, that was a GREAT presentation. I learned a LOT. And now to socialize and have cupcakes. Here I am with Hazel Mitchell and Mike Mitchell!


Everyone here likes cupcakes! Here I am with Hazel, Paul O. Zelinsky, SarahBrandon, Aaron Becker, and Ruthe Sanderson. (Not necessarily in that order.)


That was a SUPER day. But now I need a little rest and quiet time in the lovely New Hampshire woods. Not to mention, I have a cousin around here I need to catch up with. Have you ever been to New Hampshire? Do you have photos from your trip here? If so, send them my way and I might use them here on my blog!

Until next time, see you later!

Photos by Deborah, Brooklyn, NY

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One thought on “New Hampshire Has A Great License Plate!

  1. I loved bumping inot Moose in New Hampshire … he is SO well travelled.

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