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Looking Into 2014

Are you busy with wintery things? I am too! In fact, I am on my way to Zebra’s house. We are going up to the North Pole to take care of a few things. And so:

Drawing Box painting

We could both use a vacation, right? And when you come back, I promise to have all new photos, stories, and adventures for you. So please do come back. Better yet, use this time to gather up some fun photos you’d like to send me to use on this blog. I have magical ways of putting myself in them!!

Looking ahead, I think 2014 is going to be a GREAT year. Hey–I have a new book coming out in 2014! What could be better than THAT? Stay tuned and have a nice winter break. See you back here next month!

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Jolly Old….

*Note: Today’s post is a rerun. From time to time, Moose will be doing this. We hope you don’t mind. If not, well–sorry. The fact is, Moose is running around gathering new photos for new entries. When he’s at his busiest, he needs a rerun day for the blog. But for every rerun day you see, just know that Moose is racking up tons more photos for future posts. Enjoy!

phone booth copy

london copy

chop copy

helmet copy

bus copy

with Ally copy

tower copy

rosetta stone copy

pub copy

london eye copy

view copy

big ben copy

red mm copy

photos by The Hamiltion Family, Switzerland

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Horse Starts With H!

Hello everyone! Look at my new friend! This is HORSE. Did you know that “horse” starts with the letter H?


Horse and I are having a great time, playing in the grass. Isn’t it nice of him to let me ride on his back?


We look like we’re just playing the whole day away, but actually, Horse and I are making our Christmas Shopping List, too. He has the best handwriting, so we’ve decided he’ll do all the note-taking. He sure wants to buy a lot of HAY for his friends, but HEY, that’s okay!

Me? I want to get Zebra some striped socks. And Yo-Yo needs some extra string. And I think Lollipop has his eye on a Salad Spinner. Hm. I better get with Horse and write this all down.


Right after we go say hello to that cute beagle over there!


See you next time!

Photos by Betsy, Findlay, Ohio

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New Hampshire Has A Great License Plate!

Have you EVER seen a license plate as nice as this one? The people in New Hampshire sure know how to appreciate a good MOOSE when they see one!


I can hear what you’re saying. “But Moose, WHY are you in New Hampshire?” Well, I’ll tell you. I went to Manchester, NH, to attend an SCBWI event at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. It was WONDERFUL.

And while there, I ran into this guy again:


His name is Paul O. Zelinsky and we end up at a lot of these things together. Did you know he’s illustrated and written TONS of books? And won some BIG prizes for them? Well, he has.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a little help with the slide projector sometimes. Here he is being helped by our friend Hazel Mitchell.


It’s working now. And Paul O. Zelinsky is delivering the keynote address! Hey, he’s talking about a bear. What bear? Where? And what’s this book he mentions…SWAMP ANGEL?


Well, that was a GREAT presentation. I learned a LOT. And now to socialize and have cupcakes. Here I am with Hazel Mitchell and Mike Mitchell!


Everyone here likes cupcakes! Here I am with Hazel, Paul O. Zelinsky, SarahBrandon, Aaron Becker, and Ruthe Sanderson. (Not necessarily in that order.)


That was a SUPER day. But now I need a little rest and quiet time in the lovely New Hampshire woods. Not to mention, I have a cousin around here I need to catch up with. Have you ever been to New Hampshire? Do you have photos from your trip here? If so, send them my way and I might use them here on my blog!

Until next time, see you later!

Photos by Deborah, Brooklyn, NY

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