Moose is…where??

*Note: Today’s post is a rerun. From time to time, Moose will be doing this. We hope you don’t mind. If not, well–sorry. The fact is, Moose is running around gathering new photos for new entries. When he’s at his busiest, he needs a rerun day for the blog. But for every rerun day you see, just know that Moose is racking up tons more photos for future posts. Enjoy!

moose seal2 copy

moose seal copy copy

moose glacier copy

moose bear copy

Moose town copy

moose ship4 copy

moose window2 copy

moose sign3

moose train copy

moose us copy

moose sign4 copy

moose train2 copy

DSC_6671 copy

a href=””>DSC_6736 copy

photos contributed by Marty and Kelly Bingham, Georgia

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3 thoughts on “Moose is…where??

  1. Barbara Haberly

    Cute! Can’t wait to see where he goes next.

    > >

  2. SO cute! I want to see Moose climb the Space Needle 😉 🙂

  3. Rock on, Moose!

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