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What About Those Pumpkins?

Okay. We know that we all worked very hard on our Jack O Lanterns for Halloween last month. And weren’t they beautiful? Yes, they were.

But it’s nearly Thanksgiving, everyone. And we also know that by now, those carved pumpkins that you couldn’t bear to throw away are…well, they’re getting a little soft. And smelly. And possibly rotten. Who likes a rotting pumpkin? No one. You’re probably wondering what to DO with those pumpkins. I have the solution. Look what I found!!


Yep. I’m in Brasstown, North Carolina. And they are ready for your pumpkins. Bring the kids, and bring some money. Not only will you get to chunk your pumpkin TO THE MOON (seriously), but you will also get to ride ponies, jump in a bounce house, eat candy apples and hot dogs, and even get your face painted!

You know you want to! See you there!

Photo by Kelly

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Moose is…where??

*Note: Today’s post is a rerun. From time to time, Moose will be doing this. We hope you don’t mind. If not, well–sorry. The fact is, Moose is running around gathering new photos for new entries. When he’s at his busiest, he needs a rerun day for the blog. But for every rerun day you see, just know that Moose is racking up tons more photos for future posts. Enjoy!

moose seal2 copy

moose seal copy copy

moose glacier copy

moose bear copy

Moose town copy

moose ship4 copy

moose window2 copy

moose sign3

moose train copy

moose us copy

moose sign4 copy

moose train2 copy

DSC_6671 copy

a href=””>DSC_6736 copy

photos contributed by Marty and Kelly Bingham, Georgia

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New York By Night

Hello! Guess where I am! I am in NEW YORK CITY! Yep. Again. Get used to it, because I love it here and I have LOTS of pictures to share. I’ll space them out a little, though. Tonight we’re just taking a quick jaunt through some of the more famous places. Hang on!

DSC_8864 copy

Yikes, it’s CRAZY BUSY here. I’m not sure it’s safe to cross the street here without anyone holding my hoof. But here goes nothing. Do you even see me, down here in the madness? Here! In the crosswalk!

DSC_8873 copy

Lookit this! Wow. I hear they have a great show in here with some Rockets. I love Rockets. Should we go inside?

DSC_8904 copy

Well. That show was not at all what I thought. But look at this! Wheee!! I always knew I’d end up on Broadway!

DSC_9013 copy

Hi! Have you worked here in the city long? Can you tell me the best place to grab some pizza?

DSC_8993 copy

I have to stop off here for an interview for one of those news shows. You know how they are. Always bugging me for more, more, more. But they promised me a cup with the NBC logo on it, so how could I say “no?” Be back soon–then we’re off to the Rock!

DSCN1616 copy

Wow, this is scary. We are up so HIGH. We are at the top of the Rock—Rockefeller Center, that is! And look over there! The Empire State Building! What a view! I think I just saw Superman fly by…

DSC_8924 copy

Well, well. The sun is coming up already! What a fun night we had!

DSC_9425 copy

I can’t wait to go back to New York. Something tells me I’ll be going there soon. Good-bye!

Photos by Kelly

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Extra Moose Yarn

Hello there! I have a special treat today! I’m so excited!


Have you read this book? It’s one of my best friends. Did you know a book can be a best friend? Sure–you have “real” friends. I do too. I have Zebra and Cat and Snake and Lollipop and Owl and Yo-Yo. But I have some best friends who are books, too. And this book is one of them. It’s called EXTRA YARN. It is written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen.

In the book, a little girl finds a box of endless yarn. She knits lots of nice thing for the people and objects in her town.


There’s more to the story, but I’m not one to rush things along or give away an ending. You’ll have to read EXTRA YARN to find out the rest. But let’s get back to where I am today, and the special photos I get to show you!


I am in at the Wood County District Library in Bowling Green, Ohio. They have put out an AMAZING display honoring Extra Yarn. Look at what they’ve done!


They’ve knitted cozies for all the things around their library! See the tree cozy?



And the bench cozy?


Isn’t it great?



Look at THIS! Look at the bike rack!


Wow!! And this pretty knitted flower!



Even this little dog came by to see the fun. Looks like he got wrapped up in the extra yarn!


These statues of kids reading have also been entwined!



I wonder what they’re reading? Hey look–Pete the Cat is here, too!


I’m going to go inside and see if there’s any extra yarn in there! And you know what? I’m going to check out a giant pile of books to take home. That’s the BEST PART about libraries. They have tons of books, AND they let you borrow them! Maybe you need to visit your library soon. November is a great time to find a blanket, curl up, and read a book!

Good-bye from Bowling Green. See you next time!


Photos by Betsy, Findlay, Ohio

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