Pumpkin Moose

Guess where I am today? It’s a place with pumpkins. And corn. And flowers and fields and animals. That’s right–I’m at a PUMPKIN FARM. Today I am in Jasper, Georgia, at YAHOO FARMS.

The best part about YAHOO FARMS (aside from the cotton candy) is that YAHOO has two “O’s” in it, just like MOOSE. And it’s also REALLY PRETTY here. Let’s look around!

DSCN3824 copy

DSCN3828 copy

DSCN3829 copy

DSCN3769 copy

DSCN3878 copy

Do you know what they have at this farm? A CORN MAZE. It sounds kind of like “Corn Moose,” doesn’t it? And a Corn Moose WOULD be all kinds of great. But no, it’s a CORN MAZE. This is a fun puzzle that we will run through, trying to find our way out. Here we go!

DSCN3777 copy

DSCN3778 copy

I’m following my friend Sam. He looks like he knows the way.

DSCN3837 copy

This is tricky. We have to answer a question correctly in order to know which direction to go. If we answer the wrong way, we’ll be off on a wild Moose-chase!

DSCN3835 copy

We made it!

DSCN3851 copy

That maze was FUN. And next up is a visit to a real live HORSE that lives here!

DSCN3830 copy

DSCN3852 copy

DSCN3853 copy

That was fun. Now it’s time to choose a pumpking to take home. They have a LOT of pumpkins here!

DSCN3856 copy

Stand back! We’re going to use the CORN CANNON. It’s a powerful contraption that shoots corn cobs a zillion miles across an empty pasture. Is it my turn yet?

DSCN3847 copy

I had a great time at YAHOO Farms. I can’t wait to come back next year. Do you have a favorite corn maze? A big pumpkin at your house? If so, send me a photo!

See you soon!

Photos by Kelly, Ellijay GA

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