Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year! It’s so MOOSEY. There’s lots of colorful leaves, bonfires, marshmallows, and best of all, there’s HALLOWEEN. You know my favorite part of Halloween?

DSCN3803 copy

In fact, since CANDY is so much a part of Halloween, we decided to make our own. We’re going to make something fun and creepy at the same time!

DSCN3808 copy

DSCN3807 copy

DSCN3811 copy

DSCN3819 copy

Now we’re going to carve a pumpkin! I’m so excited. I wanted to make a moose face on our pumpkin, but we decided to do something more ordinary. First we draw it on.

DSCN3884 copy

Now to carve!

DSCN3886 copy

DSCN3888 copy

Now we’re getting some help with the big knife. That’s a good idea. I wouldn’t want to cut a hoof or anything.

DSCN3890 copy

Now I’m at Ellijay Elementary School. Today is hat day and I forgot mine. It has a moose on it and everything. Oh well. The main thing we are doing today is examining pumpkins! We just put our pumpkin in a barrel of water to see if it would float. Then we weighed it. Our pumpkin weighs eleventy-billion pounds, in case you wondered. Now we have to do lots more experiments.

DSCN3905 copy

DSCN3900 copy

Ew, look at all those insides!

DSCN3916 copy

DSCN3907 copy

That was fun. I learned a lot about pumpkins. We even counted how many seeds were inside. I counted all the way to 21. Someone said there was way more than that, but the teacher started passing out candy apples so I may have been distracted.

Now that we’re back home, we’re going to finish getting ready for Halloween by putting up a GHOST on our porch. YIKES!!

DSCN3765 copy

Happy Halloween!

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