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Pumpkin Moose

Guess where I am today? It’s a place with pumpkins. And corn. And flowers and fields and animals. That’s right–I’m at a PUMPKIN FARM. Today I am in Jasper, Georgia, at YAHOO FARMS.

The best part about YAHOO FARMS (aside from the cotton candy) is that YAHOO has two “O’s” in it, just like MOOSE. And it’s also REALLY PRETTY here. Let’s look around!

DSCN3824 copy

DSCN3828 copy

DSCN3829 copy

DSCN3769 copy

DSCN3878 copy

Do you know what they have at this farm? A CORN MAZE. It sounds kind of like “Corn Moose,” doesn’t it? And a Corn Moose WOULD be all kinds of great. But no, it’s a CORN MAZE. This is a fun puzzle that we will run through, trying to find our way out. Here we go!

DSCN3777 copy

DSCN3778 copy

I’m following my friend Sam. He looks like he knows the way.

DSCN3837 copy

This is tricky. We have to answer a question correctly in order to know which direction to go. If we answer the wrong way, we’ll be off on a wild Moose-chase!

DSCN3835 copy

We made it!

DSCN3851 copy

That maze was FUN. And next up is a visit to a real live HORSE that lives here!

DSCN3830 copy

DSCN3852 copy

DSCN3853 copy

That was fun. Now it’s time to choose a pumpking to take home. They have a LOT of pumpkins here!

DSCN3856 copy

Stand back! We’re going to use the CORN CANNON. It’s a powerful contraption that shoots corn cobs a zillion miles across an empty pasture. Is it my turn yet?

DSCN3847 copy

I had a great time at YAHOO Farms. I can’t wait to come back next year. Do you have a favorite corn maze? A big pumpkin at your house? If so, send me a photo!

See you soon!

Photos by Kelly, Ellijay GA

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Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year! It’s so MOOSEY. There’s lots of colorful leaves, bonfires, marshmallows, and best of all, there’s HALLOWEEN. You know my favorite part of Halloween?

DSCN3803 copy

In fact, since CANDY is so much a part of Halloween, we decided to make our own. We’re going to make something fun and creepy at the same time!

DSCN3808 copy

DSCN3807 copy

DSCN3811 copy

DSCN3819 copy

Now we’re going to carve a pumpkin! I’m so excited. I wanted to make a moose face on our pumpkin, but we decided to do something more ordinary. First we draw it on.

DSCN3884 copy

Now to carve!

DSCN3886 copy

DSCN3888 copy

Now we’re getting some help with the big knife. That’s a good idea. I wouldn’t want to cut a hoof or anything.

DSCN3890 copy

Now I’m at Ellijay Elementary School. Today is hat day and I forgot mine. It has a moose on it and everything. Oh well. The main thing we are doing today is examining pumpkins! We just put our pumpkin in a barrel of water to see if it would float. Then we weighed it. Our pumpkin weighs eleventy-billion pounds, in case you wondered. Now we have to do lots more experiments.

DSCN3905 copy

DSCN3900 copy

Ew, look at all those insides!

DSCN3916 copy

DSCN3907 copy

That was fun. I learned a lot about pumpkins. We even counted how many seeds were inside. I counted all the way to 21. Someone said there was way more than that, but the teacher started passing out candy apples so I may have been distracted.

Now that we’re back home, we’re going to finish getting ready for Halloween by putting up a GHOST on our porch. YIKES!!

DSCN3765 copy

Happy Halloween!

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5K Hoof For The Cure

Hello there! Today I am in Ohio, getting ready to walk a 5K. A “5K” equals about three miles. This is not an ordinary walk, either. This is a Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure Walk.


This is a REALLY BIG walk and race. The point of the race is to celebrate life, raise awareness of cancer, and to raise funds for research that might find a cure for breast cancer someday. Let’s go!


There is a huge crowd here at the Susan G. Komen race for the cure! Fortunately I’ve found a friend who will help me make my way to the starting line.


This dog is going to cheer us on!


I’ve got my ribbon on. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness, so we will see a lot of pink today. I like that, because pink is one of my favorite colors!


These people are all cancer survivors. They are here to walk with everyone, raise money for the cure, and to celebrate. They’re pretty awesome!


These people are going to RUN the entire time. Wow!


Wow. That’s Sparky the Dalmation, getting things started. I wonder if he needs help? Maybe I should go up there and get this started!

dalmation 2

Here we go!


Hey, there’s some great bands here to play music for us. That makes me feel like marching!


Look at all these people with motorcycles, cheering us on! That’s fun. And I like those bikes!


In fact, maybe I need to look into getting one of these when I get home. I wonder if Zebra would go halvsies with me?

moose bike

Mile one is complete! And I feel great! How about you?

mile one complete

Pink carnations? I’d love one. Thanks!


Everyone along the walk has decorated their homes and yards with pink. It’s great!

baloon tree

We sure have a lot of energetic people out here today!

walking 3

Nice! A local band playing for all of us walkers! That’s jazzy. But I’m getting kind of tired…

street band 2

Would it be cheating if I rode on the….it would? Oh.

golf cart

Oh, good. Water! I’m so THIRSTY. I don’t know if I can do this. It’s awfully far. And what if…wait. Hey, is that the finish line I see ahead?


I MADE IT!! Whoo hoo!! And look at my time! One hour, four minutes, forty seconds. That’s a lot of one’s and four’s. Who knew I could do this so FAST?

finish line 3

Whoa! Local celebrity and television news anchor Chrys Peterson!! NICE.

Chrys Peterson

Hey, remember this guy? Hi, Sparky! Yey! I finished!!

dalmation 3 sparky

Ooooh, one of my favorite snacks. Apples! Did you know that apple starts with “a?” How nice that they are giving these away to us hoofers. Maybe I should go around again!

food 3

So here we are, wrapping up our 5K in front of the….hey, an ELK’s lodge? That’s nice, but where is the MOOSE lodge? I need to go straighten this out.


See you soon! And if you have the chance to do a 5K Hoof For The Cure in YOUR neighborhood, please do!

Photos by Betsy, Ohio

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Moose At Talladega!

Hello, everyone! Today I am at Talladega Racetrack in Alabama!! I’m here to see some cars go very fast! I love car racing. Don’t you? Hey–I see some of the drivers. Let’s go say hello!

Hi, Clint. Are you excited to go racing today? I am!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

Hi, Dale! Listen to everyone clapping! I think they may be clapping mostly for me. But don’t worry. I’m sure you have a few fans here, too.

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

Gee, Juan. I don’t know where the ice cream booth is. Let’s look over there!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

No, really, Joey. Z IS for moose. You have to read the book to find out why.

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

Hey, Mike! We need to get to the cars. The race will start soon!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

A rousing lap in the flag car, with the National Anthem playing. This is fun!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

The race is starting!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

Oh dear…someone banged up their car. It wasn’t me!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

These guys work really hard getting the car fixed and ready to go. Look at those tires!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

Whoo hoo! We won! Well–HE won, but I can help celebrate, right? I think there’s a car-shaped cake around here somewhere. Bye from Talladega. See you soon!

May 6 2012-NASCAR-Aaron's 499

Photos by Marty, Ellijay Georgia

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