Walleyes! And…bees?

Today I am in Port Clinton, Ohio. OHIO is one of my favorite states because it starts with O and it ends with O, too!! Isn’t that catchy? And guess what? Port Clinton is sometimes called “the walleye capital of the world.” They even have an annual “Walleye Drop.” I think they should seriously consider changing this to “The Moose Capital of the World.” Although I’m not so sure about having a “moose drop.” That sounds kinda scary.


The park here has some very pretty flowers. See?


These are my favorite!

Hey–look out! A bee! Run!!


Whew. Got away from the bee. This statue makes a nice hiding spot. Although….hey, she looks freaked out, doesn’t she? And the dogs, too? I wonder if SHE sees a bee coming? Do you? She does! There IS a bee! Agh! Run!!


That’s all from PC, OHIO. I can’t come out and say “good-bye” because I’m hiding under a bush, waiting for the bee to go away. In fact, I think there are a few walleye under here, too. See you next time!

Photos by Betsy, OHIO

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