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Ellijay is in Gilmer County, home of the Apple Festival!


Every fall, Ellijay has a “scarecrow festival.” I came to look around and you know what? There are a LOT of crows here. I’m glad the crows have their own festivals, but what about Moose? Why not a ScareMoose Festival? Wouldn’t that be fun?

DSCN3715 copy

Check out this pretty display! But no MOOSE. I need to talk to someone about this.

DSCN3729 copy

DSCN3731 copy

My hooves are tired…think I’ll stretch out next to my scarecrow friend and have a rest.

DSCN3717 copy

DSCN3730 copy

Oooh…look at the pretty beads! I need one of these necklaces!

DSCN3726 copy

Look at this perfectly good pumpkin just sitting here on this pretty table by the bead shop. It needs to be decorated. I think I’ll make some improvements….there! Cat will love it!

DSCN3725 copy

YES. It is definitely time for an iced coffee! I think I’ll invite one of these crows to have a doughnut with me and see if I can find out how to get a ScareMoose Festival started.

Do YOU have a festival in YOUR town? If so, send me some pictures!

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