Chicago Buffet

I’m so excited! Today I am in CHICAGO. A pretty city that starts with “C!” Best of all, I’m on my way to a CONCERT, which also starts with “C!”

in an uber car-sort of hi tech taxi system

Look at this! I’ve gone from a taxi to a WATER TAXI. I bet you didn’t even KNOW there were taxis for water, did you? Here we go!

on water taxi to Buffet concert

Ooops. I can explain everything, officer. Really. I never meant for my yo-yo tricks to get out of hand. And you wouldn’t keep me from the concert, right?

with Chicago policeman

Whew. The nice Chicago policeman said he’d let me go this time IF I “stay out of trouble.” Why do people always think I cause trouble? I don’t get it. Anyway, I will finish up the rest of my journey very quietly in this bag. This bag has cookies in it, by the way, and I think I see some pretzels down there. This won’t be so bad at all!

Moose taking a break

Okay. Not my fault. I was trying to sleep off the cookies and look what happened? I am a popular Moose and I get held and squeezed and photographed everywhere I go.

en route to Jimmy Buttet concert

What? Even Zumo the cat wants to see me! Well, I do love cats.

on Zumo the cat

Okay, NOW it’s time for the concert. Do you know who we’re seeing tonight? Jimmy Buffet!

with hats

It’s true that Jimmy Buffet has a last name that looks like “buffet,” sounding like “buff-fay,” which is the long line of nachos and french fries and steak and ice cream and sliders and green beans you might find at your favorite place to eat, and that you and Zebra might go to every Sunday afternoon, and after which you might argue over who’s turn it is to pay the check. But it’s not the same thing, just so you know. Don’t ask anyone why Jimmy is on the buffet menu, they will just laugh in your FACE. Jimmy’s name is pronounced just like it looks, much like moose is. Buff-fett. And Jimmy sings really NICE. There are a lot of happy people out there tonight, listening to his songs! My friend Dominic is one of them!

Moose and Dominic at Buffet concert

Wow, that was awesome. And now we’re capping off our night with a stop at Lake Michigan.

on lifeguard stand Lake Michigan

And FIREWORKS! My favorite! I better go get some pictures of this and do some Oooohhing and Aahhhing. See you next time!

more fireworks

Photos by Melissa, Chicago IL.

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