Maurice Memories

Today I am in the studio of Maurice Sendak. He is one the greatest illustrators and authors EVER!

Maurice is no longer with us, but he has left us many, many happy memories and many wonderful books. Lots of books. Tons of books! Do you know my favorite? WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. I am also a big fan of the LITTLE BEAR books. And IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN.

This is my friend, Brian Selznick. He is also a friend of Maurice’s. We are very excited to be in Maurice’s studio today, remembering him. Do you know Brian? He wrote and illustrated THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABARET, and also WONDERSTRUCK, and about a zillion other books! Seriously. A zillion. Look it up!

photo (2)

Hello there, nice doggie. You know who this is? Herman Melville. True, there was a writer named Herman Melville. He wrote a big book about a whale. It was a very good book, called MOBY DICK. But still. Couldn’t he have written about a moose? MOBY MOOSE, maybe?

Herman Melville is Maurice Sendak’s dog. We are good friends.


Oooh, scarey creature! But no worries. This is one of the wild things from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, and you know, he’s actually pretty friendly. And funny. We’re thinking about getting Elephant and Duck and Cat and Fox, from Z IS FOR MOOSE, and going out for pizza. And of course, sharing stories and memories of Maurice Sendak.


Why not read a book by him today? You’ll be glad you did. See you next time!

Photos by Deborah, Brooklyn, NY

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