Hoofing Through The Tulips

Shhhhhh. I’m hiding. Zebra and Duck and Yo-Yo and Cat and I are playing hide and seek. Zebra is it, of course. And I’ve found this nice comfy flowerbed of Blackeyed Susan’s to hide in.


Hmm. You know what? I like flowers. A LOT. They smell pretty. They are many colors. And they are many SHAPES. I love shapes! Hey, look at this pretty flower over here!


And this one looks like lace!


Uh-oh, I think I heard something. Quick, time to hide under this tiger-lily.


Hey. That reminds me. Why is there a flower named after a tiger, but not a moose? Shouldn’t there be a moose lily, or a brown-eyed Moose, or a Moose daisy or something? Who do I talk to about that?


Well, I’ll add that to my list of things to do. I bet you had no idea Moose stay so busy, did you? As a matter of fact, I may take time out to just have a nap among the flowers. Zebra won’t mind. He told me to make sure and hide myself REALLY GOOD so it would take a while to find me. Yes… a nap it is.


But first, I’ll take just a minute to smell the roses.


Photos from Betsy, Ohio

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