Fishing For Moose

Today I am somewhere new and exciting. I’m in a state that starts with A!! And it’s not Arizona.


I’m travelling with this guy. He has a gigantic fancy camera that he uses to take pictures of ME! He’s kind of my very own moosetographer.

moose gastons

Today we are at Gaston’s Fishing Resort. We’re going out in a boat to look at wildlife and to fish. That should be fun. Any ideas where we are yet? Hint: It’s the 25th state. It’s buddies with Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

moose eagle

LOOK! A bald eagle!! Wow. We tried to get him to be part of Z IS FOR MOOSE, but he wanted way too much money AND a cappucinno machine. So we went with Elephant. (He works for peanuts.) But isn’t he majestic? Kind of? Not as much as ME, of course. But pretty close. And come to think of it, what’s up with the eagle being the national bird? Why do we need a bird, anyway? How about a MOOSE? I’m going to talk to the President about this.


It’s kinda foggy out here on the river. But pretty.


Gaston’s has a nice place to eat. They even have a raccoon that comes to visit and look in the window!


Visiting a dam up close. It kind of gives me the creeps. Maybe we should move on. Any guesses where we are yet? Hint: It’s not Alabama. And the capitol is LITLE ROCK.


You guessed, didn’t you? That’s right. It’s ARKANSAS!!

We’ve seen fish, birds, eagles, and lot of water and fog and mist and clouds and trees. I’m worn out. Time for a nap back in my comfy room at the resort.

DSCN3335 copy

After a quick swim! Whoo hooo, this is COLD!

See you next time!

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