So Long At The Fair

Is there anything more fun than a county fair? Well…maybe reading books. Especially Z IS FOR MOOSE. But besides that. Look at that ferris wheel!


I’m at the Gilmer County Fair today in Ellijay, Georgia. Whoo hoo! Watch me spin on this spinny thing!


And I’m heeeere….I’m just a BLURRRRRRRR!


Whew. Time out for a snack.


Later, I’m going to get some of that cotton candy!


Look at this guy, handling the trash. What a mouth!


Onto the contests with PRIZES. It’s hosted by the….hey, what’s up with this? They have a banner JUST for lions, but nothing for Moose? I don’t like that. You know who else won’t like that? Zebra. He has a thing about lions. I think he’s scared of them!


Deeelicious. I mean…um…NICE. Nice things here to look at but NOT TOUCH. I didn’t. And check out these pretty ribbons. I wouldn’t mind having a ribbon. Maybe a pretty blue one? For Best Moose?


MUCH BETTER. What? What’s wrong? Don’t you love it? I do!

moose best

Well, I think I better take my enormous ribbon home now and hang it on the wall. I can’t wait until next year when I get to come back to the fair again. Do you have county fairs where you live? If so, send me a picture! Even if you don’t have a big blue ribbon like me, that would still be okay.


Photos by Kelly, Ellijay GA

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