Big Bunnies

Hello! Today I am in the North Georgia mountains, visiting some friends. We’re at the Mountain Valley Farm! This nice horse is my friend Red.

horse copy

And this is a GOAT. Goat starts with G. He has hooves, horns on his head, a short little tail…we think we’re related!

goat 3 copy

Ever wonder where milk comes from? Yeah, me too. I need to get to the library and read a book about that.

cows copy

Shopping for some squash, tomatoes, and lettuce. You know why?

sign 2 copy

So I can feed them to this GIANT BUNNY!!

bunny 4 copy

Whew. They grow some big rabbits in Georgia, don’t they? I think I’ll chill with my friend Mr. Moo for a bit.

cow copy

Another GIANT BUNNY! Oh dear! But hey…you know what? He’s awfully cute. And soft. And he starts with B, which is a pretty great letter. As a matter of fact, he also starts with R, if you want to call him a rabbit, instead. Hm. Why don’t I have two names? Why don’t I have THREE names? Someone as important as I am should have multiple names, don’t you think? I’m going to go talk to Zebra about this.

bunny 3 copy

Right after I take a nap with my pig friends in their cozy house. Hey..why don’t I have a cozy house like this? I’m going to talk to Zebra about that, too. But for now, I’m catching some ZZZZZZZ’s!! Bye-bye!

pigs copy

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