Hollywood and Skweebee

Hello! Today I am in Los Angeles, California. I am here for a conference. A ‘conference’ is a gigantic gathering of people who all want to talk and talk and talk and talk about the same thing. Today’s conference is about writing BOOKS. I love books, so here I am!

The conference is put on by some people from an organization called SCBWI. They say it that stands for “Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.” But I think it should just be called SKWEEBEE. Don’t you?

Oh my! One of my very favorite authors and illustrators is here. Bruce Degen! He has written so many wonderful books. This one is JAMBERRY. I read it every night at bedtime! You should too!

photo (5)

Lectures! I’m taking notes and learning lots of things about how to write another BOOK. And so is everyone else. Wow–we’re going to have lots of great BOOKS come out of this conference! How fun is that?

photo (4)

One of my favorite books! THE STINKY CHEESE MAN, by Jon Scieszka! I wonder if he’ll sign it for me?

photo (3)

Ready for more lectures! This is great stuff!


Skweebee was FUN. Lots of fun! But now, before I go back home, I think I’ll grab a quick tour or HOLLYWOOD, California. The place where movies–and stars–are made!


First Mouse stole the “M.” Now he’s made himself forty million times BIGGER than me. I think Mice need a lot of attention, don’t you?


Did you know that Hollywood likes famous animals? This DUCK got his own star on the Walk Of Fame. MY star must be around here somewhere, right?


Are all those for ME? Probably so. Those are little “Oscars.” An Oscar is a gold statue you win for being supremely great. And that’s me, right? I think they all say “Best Moose.”


Look at that! Well, you probably can’t see it, because it’s so far away. But behind me, on the hill, is the big HOLLYWOOD sign!


There it is!


Wow, what a big couch. I think I’ll take a little nap!


Look at this! I’m on the Road To Hollywood! I knew it would happen someday!


Hey, I saw this place in the movie IRON MAN. I think it’s had a few different names. Right now it’s called the TCL Chinese Theater. And there’s a huge crowd here, staring at the ground and taking pictures. You know why? Because a lot of famous people have left their handprints and footprints in cement here. Let’s go look!


Here I am with the handprints of Gene Autry, a famous cowboy who made movies long ago. And look! Here are the hoofprints of his famous horse!! I have hoofprints, too. Think anyone will let me leave mine in the cement around here?


Oooh! This big green guy wanted to talk to me so here I am. Look at those TEETH. No worries, though. He wanted to run some book ideas by me. And he’s got some great ideas! I think I see a few best sellers in his future!


Ah-ha! Another famous animal. And not just any animal. A bear from a BOOK. Have you read his book? You should. You know, movies are great, but seeing THIS star makes me want to read. I think I’ll do just that. See you next time!


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