ALA Part Two

Hi again!

I’m back from talking with some of my favorite authors and illustrators and of course, readers!

I think Jon is considering THE TRUE STORY OF A CELEBRATED MOOSE. How could he not?

Now I’m with my new friend, Richard. He’s the chief librarian of the Brooklyn Public Library. He’s a nice guy! But what a long title. He should just change it to: Richard, MOOSE FAN.

richard chief librian Brooklyn

I’m going to read this book! NELSON MANDELA, by Kadir Nelson!

kadir nelson mandela

ANd now for….Whoa! Someone help? Vordak The Incomprehensible has me!

vordak the incomprehensible

Whew, thanks for rescuing me, Peter Lerangis!

peter lerangis

Everywhere I go, people take my picture. Hi, Brian! Brian Floca has made lots of really fun books. Right now we’re looking at LOCOMOOSETIVE. He has another great book called MOOSESHOT: THE FLIGHT OF APOLLO 11.

Or maybe it’s Moonshot?

It should be MOOSESHOT, I think. Don’t you?

brian floca locomotive

Hello, Marilyn Singer! Wait…kisses? See what I mean? People love famous Mooses.

marilyn singer

This person, Mo Willems, has written a LOT of books. With LOTS of prize stickers stuck on them. Zebra and I are friends with two of his friends…Elephant and Piggie. Sometimes the four of us get together for waffle cone sundaes. We share stories about being stars of such big books. But that Piggie tends to hog all the conversation! All he ever does is brag about being famous. He’s not as modest as I am.

I like Mo’s glasses.

mo willems

I am getting awfully tired. I think I’ll head back to the hotel room and have a mooseage and room service. This ALA stuff is super fun, but tiring.

Next year, ALA is in Las Vegas. Will I see you there? I hope so!

Photos from Deborah, Brooklyn, New York

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2 thoughts on “ALA Part Two

  1. Louise Hamilton

    Wow! Moose has a bigger smile than ever! He must be having a great time. Hope author Kelly is too.

  2. That Moose sure gets around. Glad to see he is hobnobbing with the best!

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