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Fishing For Moose

Today I am somewhere new and exciting. I’m in a state that starts with A!! And it’s not Arizona.


I’m travelling with this guy. He has a gigantic fancy camera that he uses to take pictures of ME! He’s kind of my very own moosetographer.

moose gastons

Today we are at Gaston’s Fishing Resort. We’re going out in a boat to look at wildlife and to fish. That should be fun. Any ideas where we are yet? Hint: It’s the 25th state. It’s buddies with Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

moose eagle

LOOK! A bald eagle!! Wow. We tried to get him to be part of Z IS FOR MOOSE, but he wanted way too much money AND a cappucinno machine. So we went with Elephant. (He works for peanuts.) But isn’t he majestic? Kind of? Not as much as ME, of course. But pretty close. And come to think of it, what’s up with the eagle being the national bird? Why do we need a bird, anyway? How about a MOOSE? I’m going to talk to the President about this.


It’s kinda foggy out here on the river. But pretty.


Gaston’s has a nice place to eat. They even have a raccoon that comes to visit and look in the window!


Visiting a dam up close. It kind of gives me the creeps. Maybe we should move on. Any guesses where we are yet? Hint: It’s not Alabama. And the capitol is LITLE ROCK.


You guessed, didn’t you? That’s right. It’s ARKANSAS!!

We’ve seen fish, birds, eagles, and lot of water and fog and mist and clouds and trees. I’m worn out. Time for a nap back in my comfy room at the resort.

DSCN3335 copy

After a quick swim! Whoo hooo, this is COLD!

See you next time!

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So Long At The Fair

Is there anything more fun than a county fair? Well…maybe reading books. Especially Z IS FOR MOOSE. But besides that. Look at that ferris wheel!


I’m at the Gilmer County Fair today in Ellijay, Georgia. Whoo hoo! Watch me spin on this spinny thing!


And I’m heeeere….I’m just a BLURRRRRRRR!


Whew. Time out for a snack.


Later, I’m going to get some of that cotton candy!


Look at this guy, handling the trash. What a mouth!


Onto the contests with PRIZES. It’s hosted by the….hey, what’s up with this? They have a banner JUST for lions, but nothing for Moose? I don’t like that. You know who else won’t like that? Zebra. He has a thing about lions. I think he’s scared of them!


Deeelicious. I mean…um…NICE. Nice things here to look at but NOT TOUCH. I didn’t. And check out these pretty ribbons. I wouldn’t mind having a ribbon. Maybe a pretty blue one? For Best Moose?


MUCH BETTER. What? What’s wrong? Don’t you love it? I do!

moose best

Well, I think I better take my enormous ribbon home now and hang it on the wall. I can’t wait until next year when I get to come back to the fair again. Do you have county fairs where you live? If so, send me a picture! Even if you don’t have a big blue ribbon like me, that would still be okay.


Photos by Kelly, Ellijay GA

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Big Bunnies

Hello! Today I am in the North Georgia mountains, visiting some friends. We’re at the Mountain Valley Farm! This nice horse is my friend Red.

horse copy

And this is a GOAT. Goat starts with G. He has hooves, horns on his head, a short little tail…we think we’re related!

goat 3 copy

Ever wonder where milk comes from? Yeah, me too. I need to get to the library and read a book about that.

cows copy

Shopping for some squash, tomatoes, and lettuce. You know why?

sign 2 copy

So I can feed them to this GIANT BUNNY!!

bunny 4 copy

Whew. They grow some big rabbits in Georgia, don’t they? I think I’ll chill with my friend Mr. Moo for a bit.

cow copy

Another GIANT BUNNY! Oh dear! But hey…you know what? He’s awfully cute. And soft. And he starts with B, which is a pretty great letter. As a matter of fact, he also starts with R, if you want to call him a rabbit, instead. Hm. Why don’t I have two names? Why don’t I have THREE names? Someone as important as I am should have multiple names, don’t you think? I’m going to go talk to Zebra about this.

bunny 3 copy

Right after I take a nap with my pig friends in their cozy house. Hey..why don’t I have a cozy house like this? I’m going to talk to Zebra about that, too. But for now, I’m catching some ZZZZZZZ’s!! Bye-bye!

pigs copy

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Hollywood and Skweebee

Hello! Today I am in Los Angeles, California. I am here for a conference. A ‘conference’ is a gigantic gathering of people who all want to talk and talk and talk and talk about the same thing. Today’s conference is about writing BOOKS. I love books, so here I am!

The conference is put on by some people from an organization called SCBWI. They say it that stands for “Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.” But I think it should just be called SKWEEBEE. Don’t you?

Oh my! One of my very favorite authors and illustrators is here. Bruce Degen! He has written so many wonderful books. This one is JAMBERRY. I read it every night at bedtime! You should too!

photo (5)

Lectures! I’m taking notes and learning lots of things about how to write another BOOK. And so is everyone else. Wow–we’re going to have lots of great BOOKS come out of this conference! How fun is that?

photo (4)

One of my favorite books! THE STINKY CHEESE MAN, by Jon Scieszka! I wonder if he’ll sign it for me?

photo (3)

Ready for more lectures! This is great stuff!


Skweebee was FUN. Lots of fun! But now, before I go back home, I think I’ll grab a quick tour or HOLLYWOOD, California. The place where movies–and stars–are made!


First Mouse stole the “M.” Now he’s made himself forty million times BIGGER than me. I think Mice need a lot of attention, don’t you?


Did you know that Hollywood likes famous animals? This DUCK got his own star on the Walk Of Fame. MY star must be around here somewhere, right?


Are all those for ME? Probably so. Those are little “Oscars.” An Oscar is a gold statue you win for being supremely great. And that’s me, right? I think they all say “Best Moose.”


Look at that! Well, you probably can’t see it, because it’s so far away. But behind me, on the hill, is the big HOLLYWOOD sign!


There it is!


Wow, what a big couch. I think I’ll take a little nap!


Look at this! I’m on the Road To Hollywood! I knew it would happen someday!


Hey, I saw this place in the movie IRON MAN. I think it’s had a few different names. Right now it’s called the TCL Chinese Theater. And there’s a huge crowd here, staring at the ground and taking pictures. You know why? Because a lot of famous people have left their handprints and footprints in cement here. Let’s go look!


Here I am with the handprints of Gene Autry, a famous cowboy who made movies long ago. And look! Here are the hoofprints of his famous horse!! I have hoofprints, too. Think anyone will let me leave mine in the cement around here?


Oooh! This big green guy wanted to talk to me so here I am. Look at those TEETH. No worries, though. He wanted to run some book ideas by me. And he’s got some great ideas! I think I see a few best sellers in his future!


Ah-ha! Another famous animal. And not just any animal. A bear from a BOOK. Have you read his book? You should. You know, movies are great, but seeing THIS star makes me want to read. I think I’ll do just that. See you next time!


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ALA Part Two

Hi again!

I’m back from talking with some of my favorite authors and illustrators and of course, readers!

I think Jon is considering THE TRUE STORY OF A CELEBRATED MOOSE. How could he not?

Now I’m with my new friend, Richard. He’s the chief librarian of the Brooklyn Public Library. He’s a nice guy! But what a long title. He should just change it to: Richard, MOOSE FAN.

richard chief librian Brooklyn

I’m going to read this book! NELSON MANDELA, by Kadir Nelson!

kadir nelson mandela

ANd now for….Whoa! Someone help? Vordak The Incomprehensible has me!

vordak the incomprehensible

Whew, thanks for rescuing me, Peter Lerangis!

peter lerangis

Everywhere I go, people take my picture. Hi, Brian! Brian Floca has made lots of really fun books. Right now we’re looking at LOCOMOOSETIVE. He has another great book called MOOSESHOT: THE FLIGHT OF APOLLO 11.

Or maybe it’s Moonshot?

It should be MOOSESHOT, I think. Don’t you?

brian floca locomotive

Hello, Marilyn Singer! Wait…kisses? See what I mean? People love famous Mooses.

marilyn singer

This person, Mo Willems, has written a LOT of books. With LOTS of prize stickers stuck on them. Zebra and I are friends with two of his friends…Elephant and Piggie. Sometimes the four of us get together for waffle cone sundaes. We share stories about being stars of such big books. But that Piggie tends to hog all the conversation! All he ever does is brag about being famous. He’s not as modest as I am.

I like Mo’s glasses.

mo willems

I am getting awfully tired. I think I’ll head back to the hotel room and have a mooseage and room service. This ALA stuff is super fun, but tiring.

Next year, ALA is in Las Vegas. Will I see you there? I hope so!

Photos from Deborah, Brooklyn, New York

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