ALA Part One

Hi everyone! Here I am again, meeting some of my favorite people: Readers! We’re at a BIG event in Chicago for a few days. It’s all about ME. There are a lot of other books here, too…and lots of people…but I’m the only Moose here and I’m getting LOTS of attention. The event is called ALA. You know what I think that stands for? A LOT ABOUT MOOSE. Unfortunately, they left off the “M.” But that’s okay. Next year I’m sure they’ll be more careful to add the M.

I’m here with Paul O. Zelinsky. We do a lot of stuff together. He’s a nice guy. And he has a shirt with ME on it!! Here’s Paul and I signing some of our books!

paul signing

And here I am at with Kate Kubert Puls! She’s so nice!

Kate Kubert Puls

OH MY. I am with Katherine Paterson!! She’s written some of my favorite books EVER! The Great Gilly Hopkins, The Bridge to Terabithia, Jacob Have I Loved, The Same Stuff as Stars…hey, I wonder if she’s ever wanted to write about MOOSE? Katherine, let’s talk this over!

katherine paterson

Hey! One of my favorite people! Hazel Mitchell! She illustrates books REALLY NICE. Have you seen any of her books? One Word Pearl? Why Am I Here? Sabu and Me? Check them out! But wait a sec…her shirt is awfully ZEBRA-Y. Hm. Hazel, let’s go find you a more MOOSEY shirt!

hazel mitchell

This is Leonard S. Marcus. He’s written a bunch of books! Here we are looking at his book about Randolph Caldecott. What pretty pictures!

I think this Randolph Caldecott has a prize named after him. I need to look into that. I like prizes!

leonard s marcus

What a funny guy! I love Jon Sciescka! Don’t you? Have you read THE STINKY CHEESE MAN? THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS? Hey…that reminds me, Jon. Don’t you want to write a book called THE TRUE STORY OF A CELEBRATED MOOSE? Let’s get some coffee and talk about it! I’ll hitch a ride in your jacket!

john sciescka

Well, Jon and I are off for lattes and some chocolate MOOSE. (My favorite!) I’ll be back in a couple of days with more pictures from A LOT ABOUT Moose!!

Photos from Deborah, Brooklyn, New York

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