V is for…..

2013 Wburg 068

Hello there! You’ll never guess where I am today. Yes, I am in a tree. But aside from that. What? You want a hint? Okay. I am in a state that starts with the letter V. And it’s not Vermont. Guess?

2013 Wburg 075

That’s right, I’m in Virginia!! But WHERE in Virginia? Hmmm….here’s some more hints. Some say democracy was born here. And there have been lots of famous people here. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry….any ideas? And see the building behind me? It’s the Governor’s Palace.

2013 Wburg 072

Still not sure? Think about the American Revolution. Colonies. And the motto of this place: “The future may learn from the past.”

Oh dear!! This wasn’t what I had in mind next! Um, okay…my two friends Lila and Corena will keep giving you hints. The Capitol. Raleigh Tavern. Colonial Parkway. Sheep, horses, and cobblestones. Did I hear someone say it??

That’s right!! We’re in COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG!

2013 Wburg 059

2013 Wburg 057

And here are some of the sheep I was talking about. Oh sure, there are larger, “real” sheep outside where it’s hot and muggy. But we’re having a very nice time here inside this air-conditioned store. Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? If not, you need to plan a visit here ASAP. (That means “as soon as possible.”) There’s lots to see and lots to learn here!


Okay, I’ll pose for ONE MORE photo like this. But that’s IT. Now I’m back to the gift shop for some more time with my new friends. After that…who knows where I’ll go next? I am having one busy summer! See you next time!

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