Island of the Swallows

Hello! Today I am in a new country, on an island. I am in COZUMEL, Mexico. It’s so pretty here!! And so much to see! Let’s explore!


We’re starting off our tour in a nice shopping area. There’s lots to see and do here, and some really good food! I like this fountain behind me, too! Did you know that Cozumel means “island of the swallows?” That’s a kind of bird. There are a lot of them here, and they are FAST.

People are looking at me kind of funny. I wonder if they see a lot of moose out here on the island.


Here I am, visiting some ancient Mayan ruins. These ruins are hundreds and hundreds of years old. There’s so much Mayan history to tell you, but you know what? The mosquitos are SO BAD here that I can’t sit still to talk to you about all that. We better keep moving. Ouch!


This is a crab. He was scuttling around here among the ruins and boy, is he a GROUCH. Don’t ask him for directions or try to show him your new yo-yo trick, because he won’t be impressed. You’d think someone that starts with a C would be friendly, but no.


This is an iguana. Iguana is one of the few animals that starts with I.

He’s scarey looking, but really nice. We’re facebook friends.

Remember how I mentioned the mosquitos are bad? Look at my iguana friend. You can see the mosquitos on his head and face. They’re even bothering him!! We need to get out of here. Let’s go explore a bit more.


I’m down here. See me? This tree has coconuts in it! See them up there? Isn’t that fun? Hmm…maybe I should move. I would hate to get hit by a falling coconut. Our tour guide says this happens a LOT.


What? What’s a “zonkey?” This I need to see. Zebra is going to be so interested to hear that there’s a whole new animal that starts with Z!


Well, I missed the zonkey show, but now we’re at a lovely beach. Wow, this is a NICE beach! The water is so pretty!


I think this sign says “no dogs.” I don’t think it says “no Moose.” So maybe I can stay a while!


I think it’s time for a little nap. This hammock will be perfect. I just hope I can get out of it when I’m done. See you next time!


Photos from Kelly and Marty, Georgia

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