Trouble Makers

Shhhhh! We have to use inside voices today. We’re in one of my favorite places: A LIBRARY!

I’m here for storytime today at the R.T.Jones library in Canton, Georgia. Word has it that today’s storytime is all about “trouble makers.” And for some reason, Zebra thought I should come down here and listen! What does he mean by THAT? Anyway–I love storytime, so I’m here. And it’s TRUE! They’re going to read MY book! Z IS FOR MOOSE! To all these kids! Let’s go!


Storytime is starting! Wow–look at that! Brooke is dressed like me, MOOSE! And Sandi is dressed like Zebra! And they’re acting out the parts as well as reading the story! This is so FUN!


Wow, this is a really good book! I need to read Z IS FOR MOOSE again! And again!

Brooke and Sandi Z is for Moose Storytime

It sure was fun visiting the R.T. Jones library today! Thank you, Brooke and Sandi! You did a GREAT job! I think I’ll go check out some books now! We’ll be back soon!


Photos contributed by Bill, Canton, Georgia

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