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ALA Part One

Hi everyone! Here I am again, meeting some of my favorite people: Readers! We’re at a BIG event in Chicago for a few days. It’s all about ME. There are a lot of other books here, too…and lots of people…but I’m the only Moose here and I’m getting LOTS of attention. The event is called ALA. You know what I think that stands for? A LOT ABOUT MOOSE. Unfortunately, they left off the “M.” But that’s okay. Next year I’m sure they’ll be more careful to add the M.

I’m here with Paul O. Zelinsky. We do a lot of stuff together. He’s a nice guy. And he has a shirt with ME on it!! Here’s Paul and I signing some of our books!

paul signing

And here I am at with Kate Kubert Puls! She’s so nice!

Kate Kubert Puls

OH MY. I am with Katherine Paterson!! She’s written some of my favorite books EVER! The Great Gilly Hopkins, The Bridge to Terabithia, Jacob Have I Loved, The Same Stuff as Stars…hey, I wonder if she’s ever wanted to write about MOOSE? Katherine, let’s talk this over!

katherine paterson

Hey! One of my favorite people! Hazel Mitchell! She illustrates books REALLY NICE. Have you seen any of her books? One Word Pearl? Why Am I Here? Sabu and Me? Check them out! But wait a sec…her shirt is awfully ZEBRA-Y. Hm. Hazel, let’s go find you a more MOOSEY shirt!

hazel mitchell

This is Leonard S. Marcus. He’s written a bunch of books! Here we are looking at his book about Randolph Caldecott. What pretty pictures!

I think this Randolph Caldecott has a prize named after him. I need to look into that. I like prizes!

leonard s marcus

What a funny guy! I love Jon Sciescka! Don’t you? Have you read THE STINKY CHEESE MAN? THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS? Hey…that reminds me, Jon. Don’t you want to write a book called THE TRUE STORY OF A CELEBRATED MOOSE? Let’s get some coffee and talk about it! I’ll hitch a ride in your jacket!

john sciescka

Well, Jon and I are off for lattes and some chocolate MOOSE. (My favorite!) I’ll be back in a couple of days with more pictures from A LOT ABOUT Moose!!

Photos from Deborah, Brooklyn, New York

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Better Or Worse?

Every so often I have to see the doctor, the dentist, the hair stylist, my publicist, my agent, and yes, my eye specialist. Even a famous Moose needs to keep his eyes healthy. Today I am visiting the Mind Eye Connection in Northbrook, IL. And you know what, everything looks so BIG!

moose eye exam

I can totally read that eye chart…

eye chart

Hmm. This one, I can’t! Wait, something is coming into focus….

eye chart blur

What!? Hey! I LOVE IT! You know why? Z IS FOR MOOSE!!

eye chart z

Wait…I wonder if Zebra had something to do with that? I better go find him and ask!

See you next time!

Photos from Paul, Brooklyn, NY. Taken at the Mind Eye Connection in Northbrook, IL.

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V is for…..

2013 Wburg 068

Hello there! You’ll never guess where I am today. Yes, I am in a tree. But aside from that. What? You want a hint? Okay. I am in a state that starts with the letter V. And it’s not Vermont. Guess?

2013 Wburg 075

That’s right, I’m in Virginia!! But WHERE in Virginia? Hmmm….here’s some more hints. Some say democracy was born here. And there have been lots of famous people here. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry….any ideas? And see the building behind me? It’s the Governor’s Palace.

2013 Wburg 072

Still not sure? Think about the American Revolution. Colonies. And the motto of this place: “The future may learn from the past.”

Oh dear!! This wasn’t what I had in mind next! Um, okay…my two friends Lila and Corena will keep giving you hints. The Capitol. Raleigh Tavern. Colonial Parkway. Sheep, horses, and cobblestones. Did I hear someone say it??

That’s right!! We’re in COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG!

2013 Wburg 059

2013 Wburg 057

And here are some of the sheep I was talking about. Oh sure, there are larger, “real” sheep outside where it’s hot and muggy. But we’re having a very nice time here inside this air-conditioned store. Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? If not, you need to plan a visit here ASAP. (That means “as soon as possible.”) There’s lots to see and lots to learn here!


Okay, I’ll pose for ONE MORE photo like this. But that’s IT. Now I’m back to the gift shop for some more time with my new friends. After that…who knows where I’ll go next? I am having one busy summer! See you next time!

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Island of the Swallows

Hello! Today I am in a new country, on an island. I am in COZUMEL, Mexico. It’s so pretty here!! And so much to see! Let’s explore!


We’re starting off our tour in a nice shopping area. There’s lots to see and do here, and some really good food! I like this fountain behind me, too! Did you know that Cozumel means “island of the swallows?” That’s a kind of bird. There are a lot of them here, and they are FAST.

People are looking at me kind of funny. I wonder if they see a lot of moose out here on the island.


Here I am, visiting some ancient Mayan ruins. These ruins are hundreds and hundreds of years old. There’s so much Mayan history to tell you, but you know what? The mosquitos are SO BAD here that I can’t sit still to talk to you about all that. We better keep moving. Ouch!


This is a crab. He was scuttling around here among the ruins and boy, is he a GROUCH. Don’t ask him for directions or try to show him your new yo-yo trick, because he won’t be impressed. You’d think someone that starts with a C would be friendly, but no.


This is an iguana. Iguana is one of the few animals that starts with I.

He’s scarey looking, but really nice. We’re facebook friends.

Remember how I mentioned the mosquitos are bad? Look at my iguana friend. You can see the mosquitos on his head and face. They’re even bothering him!! We need to get out of here. Let’s go explore a bit more.


I’m down here. See me? This tree has coconuts in it! See them up there? Isn’t that fun? Hmm…maybe I should move. I would hate to get hit by a falling coconut. Our tour guide says this happens a LOT.


What? What’s a “zonkey?” This I need to see. Zebra is going to be so interested to hear that there’s a whole new animal that starts with Z!


Well, I missed the zonkey show, but now we’re at a lovely beach. Wow, this is a NICE beach! The water is so pretty!


I think this sign says “no dogs.” I don’t think it says “no Moose.” So maybe I can stay a while!


I think it’s time for a little nap. This hammock will be perfect. I just hope I can get out of it when I’m done. See you next time!


Photos from Kelly and Marty, Georgia

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Trouble Makers

Shhhhh! We have to use inside voices today. We’re in one of my favorite places: A LIBRARY!

I’m here for storytime today at the R.T.Jones library in Canton, Georgia. Word has it that today’s storytime is all about “trouble makers.” And for some reason, Zebra thought I should come down here and listen! What does he mean by THAT? Anyway–I love storytime, so I’m here. And it’s TRUE! They’re going to read MY book! Z IS FOR MOOSE! To all these kids! Let’s go!


Storytime is starting! Wow–look at that! Brooke is dressed like me, MOOSE! And Sandi is dressed like Zebra! And they’re acting out the parts as well as reading the story! This is so FUN!


Wow, this is a really good book! I need to read Z IS FOR MOOSE again! And again!

Brooke and Sandi Z is for Moose Storytime

It sure was fun visiting the R.T. Jones library today! Thank you, Brooke and Sandi! You did a GREAT job! I think I’ll go check out some books now! We’ll be back soon!


Photos contributed by Bill, Canton, Georgia

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I have been working hard lately. I need a vacation. I have decided to go on a cruise. See this ship? This is my ship for the next few days!


Setting sail and leaving Florida! Wow, look at those nice buildings on Fisher Island!


This is what I call a vacation. Lying in the sun by the pool while cruising down the middle of the ocean!


Lounging in the lounge on the ninth floor. I think I’ll get one of those giant coffee drinks with the whipped cream and sprinkles!


You know the drawbacks of being a famous Moose? People take my picture everywhere I go. Especially this guy!

But come to think of it, I LIKE having my picture taken!


Back to lounging.


Hm. People keep putting money into these things and then walking away. Is it their way of feeding this tiger face? Maybe I should have a Moose machine made!


Ahhhh…getting some sun.


They have a little golf course on the top of this ship! Nice!


Well, hello there!


My ship has landed in a really pretty place. I think I’ll go explore. See you next time!


photos from Kelly and Marty, Georgia

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