BEA Part Two

Hi again!

I’m back at BEA for Part Two of my visit here. There are SO MANY fun people to talk to. And seriously, everyone wants to grab me and hold me and pose for a picture. I guess I can’t help it since I’m a STAR. And it’s kind of fun. The kind of fun that Zebra would say was holding up the conference and causing trouble. Let’s get busy and meet some of my friends. Ready?

Bruce Degen! If his middle name starts with C, his initials would be BCD, just like a piece of the alphabet. Wow. Hey, did you know Bruce has written and illustrated tons of books? You know my favorite? JAMBERRY. It’s so fun. But there’s a bear in it instead of a Moose. I don’t get that. Maybe I need to talk to Bruce about a redo….


Pretty artwork! This is by Fiona Robinson!


Fiona Robinson! She wrote a book called THE USEFUL MOOSE. I think I love Fiona.


Hello, Chad Beckerman!


The guy on the right is Bob. The guy on the left is….Peter? Paul? Yes. Paul. Paul O. Zelinsky. I think we’ve met. Yes. Now I remember. For sure we’ve met. And you know what? Paul is a really nice guy. AND he draws really good pictures. And he has all these prizes for them!


Melanie Hope Greenberg has THREE names. Three. I want three names! They would be…Moose, Moose, and Moose!


Peter! Is that you, Peter? I can’t tell because of the sunglasses. Hey..why don’t I have sunglasses? I’m a star, after all!


Aw…Sophie Blackall loves me!


Look! Artwork by Sophie Blackall! Hmm…I know this character. I do. Something with an I. Isabelle? Imogene? Wait…Ivy!!


Sean Qualls! It’s not often you see someone with a last name that starts with Q!


Well, hello, John!


Rosemary Wells!! I LOVE her books! My favorites? YOKO’S PAPER CRANES, and anything with Max and Ruby!!


It’s been a fantastic day, but it’s time to leave the Javits Center and call it a night.


Ah…heading home now, with a nice view of sunset on the Hudson River. BEA was SUPER FUN! I can’t wait til next year. Hm. Maybe I can ask Zebra to come with me next time. Or not…I kind of like having everyone’s attention all to myself. See you next year at BEA!


Photos contributed by Deborah, Brooklyn, New York

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